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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Chemical Splash Workwear

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Chemical Splash Workwear

Chemical splash is a hazard workers across many sectors have to deal with on a regular basis. The results of sub-standard protection against such incidents can result in painful and life-changing injuries.

There’s no way to anticipate chemical splash and so it’s vital to ensure that all workers who face this risk have the level of protection they require. To throw a little light on the subject, we’re going to run through the things you probably didn’t know about chemical splash workwear and how these features provide the protection required to keep workers safe.

Chemical Splash Workwear Uses Advanced Materials

When chemical splash is a risk, failure to provide adequate workwear means risk of injuries such as burns are a likely outcome. To protect workers from chemical burns, Wearwell chemical splash workwear utilises fluorocarbon treated fabric.

This provides is a robust layer of protection, giving the worker more time to react and avoid serious injury. When faced with the danger if chemical splash, workers need all the time they can get to respond and safely remove themselves from the area. Wearwells fluorocarbon treated chemical splash workwear gives them those vital extra seconds!

It Must Meet Certified Standards

Because chemical splash is such a serious hazard, garments sold in the UK, recommended for use in areas where chemical splash is likely must be certified under bsi – British Standards Institution, in order to meet strict regulations. Failure to meet these standards, when calming/selling workwear designed to protect against chemical splash, is now considered an offence and companies who treed this ground can be liable for prosecution in the event of worker injury.

All industry-standard chemical splash workwear must conform EN 13034. If chemical splash workwear doesn’t meet this standards, then it isn’t fit for purpose.

It’s Not Uncomfortable

When many people think of chemical splash workwear, they tend to think of restrictive or uncomfortable garments where safety takes precedence over comfort. But this isn’t always the case. The best chemical splash workwear is breathable and offers support at stress points.

Wearwell chemical splash workwear features bartacks at all major stress points and a breathable mix of cotton and polyester fibres, making for the perfect mixture of comfort and safety.

There Are Different Options

Chemical splash workwear doesn’t just come in a single iteration of coveralls, which is something many people assume. In fact, some garments offer total protection in the form of an attachable hood for facial protection. But chemical splash workwear is also available as a coat for environments that don’t require head-to-toe protection.

It Doesn’t Cost the Earth

When it comes to specialised protective workwear, the natural assumption is that it comes with a substantial cost, but that isn’t the case with chemical splash workwear.

For the in-built safety features and technology on offer – and the robust protection it provides – chemical splash workwear is very economical in the short-term and a sound investment for any business where chemical splash is a risk factor.

Wearwell offers a range of Tecwear protective clothing – including chemical splash workwear – to help keep your workforce safe and protected. With over 75 years of experience, you can trust Wearwell to keep your team safe.

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