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What do you need to know about outdoor workwear?
Working outdoors means employees are exposed to the elements. To ensure workers are able to work safely and productively, having the right protective gear is paramount.
New fatal injuries data released
According to figures published earlier this month, 135 workers lost their lives due to work-related incidents in Great Britain in 2022/23. The report by HSE breaks down the industries, unveiling that the construction industry witnessed the most deaths.
How can you keep your construction site safety levels on point this winter?

To help ensure that you and your workers are adequately prepared for the cold months ahead, we’ve put together our selection of areas to consider when keeping your construction site safety levels on point this winter:

How can you make your safety training more engaging?
With the right approach, safety training sessions can be made more enjoyable. Not only does this make the sessions less tedious, when safety training is made to be entertaining, it’s far more likely to be effective.
Hi-Vis 101: What is there to know?

For many roles, wearing hi-vis clothes is essential, as it helps workers to remain visible in low-light or risky working conditions. Wearing hi-vis is particularly pertinent in the UK, as poor visibility is common throughout the winter months.

Industry in focus: green energy

 According to government data, the amount of renewable energy generated in Great Britain has increased substantially over the course of the last decade.

COVID cases are on the rise: how to protect your teams this winter
As we move into autumn, an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases has been recorded in the UK. Cases have been steadily rising since the end of July, with most being attributed to an emerging new variant, B.2.86 – also known as Pirola.
Introducing Wearwell's New Chef Wear Range
We are pleased to announce Wearwell's new Chef Wear Range, an innovation that promises to redefine culinary apparel standards. This collection represents the culmination of rigorous research and an unwavering commitment to quality, particularly through the use of industry-leading fabrics.
How to write a HACCP food plan for your food business

To comply with food hygiene laws in the UK, businesses must follow a plan based on the HACCP principles. HACCP is a systematic approach to identifying and preventing potential hazards that could compromise the safety of food products. 

Industry in focus 2023: Automotive

Despite drawbacks faced by the industry - such as the scarcity of critical components - February's sales figures reveal a growing preference for electric vehicles (EV). Sales increased by over 18% compared to the previous month, accounting for 1 in 6 of all sales.

Wearwell Partners with Veteran-Run Charity Carma Earth in the Fight Against Climate Change

With a mission to remove 1 billion tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere Carma Earth facilitates a range of tree planting initiatives across the UK. It works in collaboration with the Green Task Force to support environmental sustainability and offer meaningful employment opportunities to veterans, a cause that deeply resonates with both Wearwell and Carma Earth's founders.

Ensuring Workplace Safety: The Vital Role of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974

HASAW is a comprehensive legislation enacted in the United Kingdom with the objective of ensuring employers foster a safe working environment.

It applies to almost all workplaces and places a legal duty on employers to ensure the well-being of their employees and individuals influenced by their work activities.

Is it too hot to work?
Despite the lack of a legal maximum temperature for workplaces, the HSE is asking employers to be responsible and prioritise the health and safety of their employees.
Klothe's 'Design with Purpose' Approach Delivers Optimised Uniforms for Any Industry
Klothe's head office is centrally located in Tamworth, enabling them to offer a low MOQ rapid response platform supported by both nearshore and far shore manufacturing facilities.
4 ways to guard against a winter coronavirus outbreak

With this in mind, it’s important that businesses pull out all the stops to help keep employees safe, and limit coronavirus outbreaks among their workforces. To help you protect your staff, we’ve put together a list of precautions you can take to help prevent a winter coronavirus outbreak.

Research shows not enough female PPE in energy sector

Appropriate PPE is vital for allowing workers to complete their tasks safely and successfully. Yet, finding appropriate workwear remains a challenge for many female workers, one which is even deterring women from entering and staying in roles in the energy industry.

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