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Focus on: Green Energy

Focus on: Green Energy

A term most of us have heard but very few fully understand, green energy is so much more than a buzzword created by the UK government to bolster their net-zero by 2050 campaign.

Although green energy has been with us for quite some time with the occasional wind farm or fields filled with solar panels put in place to harness the natural power of the elements, green energy has exploded in a big way recently. Millions of pounds worth of investment is currently being directed into new initiatives to help reach the impending net-zero goal.

Not only is green energy set to completely revolutionise our current power sources that are at present heavily reliant upon pollution-causing fossil fuels, but it is also set to kickstart a flagging UK economy and create a plethora of new jobs for future generations.

Let’s take an in-depth look at green energy and what it has in store for the future.


What is green energy?

Green energy, or renewable energy as it is also often called, is generated using natural sources such as the sun, wind and water.

Unlike fossil fuels that have been intensively mined for centuries and have finite resources, green energy sources are renewable and cause far less pollution.


Green energy and the labour force

As well as pledging to reduce carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050, the government has also promised to deliver a new generation of green jobs to help them meet this target and to safeguard the future of the green energy revolution here in the UK.

With the UK boasting more than twice the offshore wind farm capacity in 2019 as it did in 2014, union TUC expects that more than a million jobs could be created in the next two years if ministers fast-track investments into vital green infrastructure such as the creation of a countrywide network of electric vehicle charging points.


PPE for a growing industry

As green energy is a varied industry that crosses into a variety of different sectors including manufacturing, transportation and the harnessing of the energy itself, an array of PPE provisions are needed to satisfy the varied needs of those tasked with keeping the industry moving forward.

From PPE basics such as gloves and safety goggles to hydroelectric plant workers who require specialist coverings in order to do their job safely, this growing industry is set to impact on companies of all shapes and size over the coming years to provide us with the power we need to keep those business wheels turning.

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