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What is Bespoke Workwear?

What is Bespoke Workwear?

What is Bespoke Workwear?

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to personal protective equipment. Standard PPE is not always best suited to your particular working environment, and in these situations, opting for PPE that doesn’t completely meet your needs could potentially increase the risk of accident and injury in the workplace. Effective PPE isn’t just OK… it’s great. And if standard garments aren’t great, then bespoke solutions are the answer.

Bespoke workwear, imagined by you and designed and delivered by experts in the field of personal protection, is designed to fully meet your requirements for quality PPE, no matter how niche those requirements are. It enables employers across a huge range of industries to combine branding with practical designs and technical fabrics to ensure they’re able to offer the best protection for their employees, no matter what the job.

Why choose bespoke workwear?

There are many reasons why businesses choose bespoke workwear, including for the benefits that can be experienced within the areas of clothing fit, risk protection, portrayal of brand values, emphasis on company culture, and safety and security. Bespoke workwear can simultaneously boost morale amongst team members and provide necessary levels of protection against common worksite risks, such as arc flash.

Overall, however, there are two primary advantages to opting for bespoke workwear: comfort and compliance. In order to ensure that employees have what they need to undertake a job successfully, they must be comfortable at work, and provided with the correct personal protective equipment required to adherence to official legislation.

What to look for in bespoke workwear

Every business will undoubtedly have its own preference on what it is it wants from its workwear, whether that’s specific levels of protection, niche design, logos, or anything else. However, a provider’s ability to offer these in-demand aspects are not the only consideration to take into account when choosing a supplier. As well as being tailored to individual businesses, bespoke workwear must also continue to meet the same strict criteria as any other form of PPE, with suppliers maintaining efficient processes for product development and innovation, and offering top manufacturing capabilities.

It is advised that businesses considering bespoke workwear look for:

  • UK manufacturing facilities to ensure clothing is made to British standards
  • Dedicated design and prototyping services
  • Comprehensive after sales support
  • Availability of samples for approval
  • Turnaround times of around 4 weeks to meet demanding schedules

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