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What Should You Consider When Ordering Bespoke Workwear?

What Should You Consider When Ordering Bespoke Workwear?

What Should You Consider When Ordering Bespoke Workwear?

While we strive to provide a diverse selection of workwear and quality personal protective equipment for a wide range of industries here at Wearwell, we understand that businesses are sometimes searching for a more personal solution to their clothing and uniform needs. Deloitte reports that more than one third of consumers are interested in ordering personalised products, and it’s really no different for modern businesses who are attempting to differentiate themselves from their competitors, emphasise their company culture, and share their brand message through garments.

But ordering bespoke workwear isn’t quite as simple and straightforward as browsing readymade clothing and selecting the most suitable product. Instead, there are a few additional considerations that need to be taken into account in order to ensure the design and manufacture of workwear that meets your expectations. Here are some vital aspects to think about which can help you to order clothing that works for you:

Your Business Needs

With bespoke workwear, there’s no need to ‘settle’; you can work with suppliers to design and create garments that are tailored to meet your exact business needs, no matter how niche. So the first consideration should always be your own requirements. What are the risks within your industry, and across each job role and function? What level of protection is needed from these risks? What message should your workwear send, not only to clients/customers but also to employees? Being clear on what you expect from your bespoke workwear can help your chosen supplier deliver top results.

Level of Personalisations

There’s no one type of bespoke workwear. In fact, there are multiple levels of personalisation that you can choose from. One option is to select embroidery services, which incorporate your brand, your logo, or even employee name onto readymade clothing, giving you the opportunity to browse existing garments and find the right solution for you while still benefiting from personalisation. Another option is completely bespoke workwear, which is designed from the ground up with your own business requirements in mind; this can be a lengthier process, but delivers multiple benefits.

Lead Times

Demanding jobs, and demanding roles, mean demanding schedules, so if it’s essential that your bespoke workwear is with you and ready to go in time for a specific project or task, then lead times should be one of your primary considerations. Lead times will vary depending on the complexity of the design and size of the order, but typically if you’re seeking a very fast service then consider a supplier with a UK-based manufacturing facility. At Wearwell, we’re able to provide samples within just two weeks, and fulfil orders from our UK facility within just four weeks, meeting our clients’ tight schedules.


Ordering bespoke workwear can sometimes feel like venturing into the unknown, but it shouldn’t. While it can often be challenging to fully envision bespoke workwear  — how it will look, and how it will feel, for example — the quality should never be a surprise. When choosing a supplier, it’s a good idea to carefully research that provider’s range of readymade workwear and PPE. Is it made to British and/or European standards? Does the firm have a quality assurance certificate? Are they reputable within the industry? Investing in bespoke workwear is a big decision – make sure you get it right.

Bespoke Workwear from Wearwell

At Wearwell, we offer a comprehensive bespoke workwear service, working with organisations across the country to design, develop, and manufacture protective garments that not only display brand image but which are also made to the same standards that we adhere to when manufacturing our own clothing ranges.

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