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Why Hi-Vis Clothing Is Vitally Important

Why Hi-Vis Clothing Is Vitally Important

With autumn approaching – finally – it’s more important than ever to ensure that workers are safe and seen at work in busy environments.

Being able to see other team members is always essential for on-site safety, whether it’s a warehousing environment or a busy construction site, and hi-vis clothing is the most effective way to reduce the likelihood of accidents resulting from lack of visibility.

It goes without saying that the hi-vis clothing you choose meets the highest standards and has the robust design necessary for surviving physical working conditions week after week, month after month.

It’s the Law

BS EN 471 sets the standard when it comes to hi-vis clothing, and it’s very specific about when workers must have increased visibility for their safety.

To ensure compliance with BS EN 471, hi-vis workwear must make the wearer visible against different backgrounds in all kinds of weather and all lighting conditions. That means the hi-vis in question has to be visible even in driving snow and dark or non-existent lighting environments.

Moreover, the hi-vis clothing has to have the structural integrity to meet the needs of the wearer in their everyday role over a “reasonable service life”. For other guidance around hi-vis, you can see the HSE site.

Worksites are Full of Hazards

Anyone who has ever worked in a warehouse, logistics or construction setting knows that the next accident is never far away. This is just the nature of the job.

But when you have large vehicles moving tons of weight or forklifts zipping about the warehouse floor, losing sight of a fellow worker for even a moment can have the most drastic and tragic outcomes. Hi-vis gives other workers an immediate visual frame of reference as to where others are, ensuring that hazards and accidents remain at a minimal level. It’s much harder for someone wearing hi-vis to go unnoticed – after all, they’re neon – and, in turn, much harder for them to come to harm due to a lack of visibility.

Sometimes Workers Have to Work in Extremely Dark Conditions

In many roles – night road construction, for example – hi-vis isn’t just about providing an extra layer of safety – it’s about saving lives.

When workers have to work in outdoor, potentially inclement weather conditions, they are subject to a considerable amount of risk. Motorways aren’t the safest of places on a bright, fine day, let alone at night when the rain is driving down. It’s in cases like this that full body hi-vis is essential. Reflective hi-vis, as we saw above, gives people an immediate visual indicator as to the worker’s presence. This doesn’t just benefit other workers, either, as it also shows drivers on the road that they need to be aware that people are working on the road ahead.

If your organisation requires high-visibility clothing, Wearwell has a range of options to meet your needs. Browse our hi-vis range right here.

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