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7 Things You Should Know About Chemical Splash Workwear

7 Things You Should Know About Chemical Splash Workwear

For workers in many industries, the risk of chemical splash is high and can pose a dangerous threat to people and machinery alike.

Chemical splash can affect many areas of the body, and, depending on the severity and location of the splash on the body, can cause irreparable damage, immobility, loss of function and even death if the correct workwear isn’t provided.


By law, depending on the industry you work in, protective clothing for those at risk of chemical splash should legally be provided by the employer. If it isn’t, the employer is negligent. The type of material used is vital to providing the peak amount of protection. Choose an item that has been made with fluorocarbon treated fabric to allow for breathability and security.


If your job means you must work alongside the risk of chemical splash frequently, it’s likely that your garment will need to be incredibly durable. Even the smallest details of your workwear should have longevity, from the mitred corners of your pockets down to adding bartacks to all stress points, to ensure they’re as secure as possible.


When choosing protective workwear, it can seem like you have to sacrifice comfort in favour of safety, but of course, that should never be the case. If you’re working outside especially, clothing should be warm and easy to wear, as well as breathable. This is why choosing a material that is comfortable and treated with liquid resistant fluorocarbon is the best option.

Protection for the whole body

Anyone who works closely with chemicals will be able to tell you that they can be unpredictable, especially in the event of an emergency. Chemical splash can reach anywhere on the body and can cause severe burns and injury to many places. It’s, of course, vital to protect your face from chemical splash, as contact with the eyes or mouth can be devastating. Inhaling certain chemicals can do an enormous amount of long-term damage to internal organs too.

Garment care

Looking after Personal Protective Equipment can be a tricky task. It’s vital that all PPE is clean to ensure it performs best. At the same time, excess cleaning can strip away the protective chemicals with which the garment has been treated. What you’re left with is a catch-22 scenario when it comes to cleaning protective workwear. That is unless you’ve got proper aftercare instructions from professional and experienced sources.

Choose a garment from a reliable source with an expert team on hand to help you whenever you need it. Our TecWear range is designed specifically to protect the wearer from a range of workplace hazards, including chemical splash.

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