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Essential workwear garments that every healthcare organisation needs

Essential workwear garments that every healthcare organisation needs

Working in a healthcare organisation can often be stressful and demanding. During a busy shift, the last thing that healthcare workers should be worried about is their uniforms not being fit for purpose.

Good workwear garments should help healthcare workers perform their roles in comfort and be able to support them with any tasks they carry out throughout the day.

If you’re looking to update your healthcare organisation’s workwear wardrobe, here’s everything you need to know.

Responsibility to provide adequate workwear in healthcare organisations

According to the NHS, healthcare organisations have a responsibility to:

  • Have a local uniform policy in place and monitor compliance with it
  • Provide enough uniforms so that all members of staff have clean uniforms for every shift, without having to wash their clothes daily
  • Focus on promoting sustainable procurement strategies
  • Use natural fibres where possible to ensure the comfort of all staff

The importance of practical and comfortable workwear

Whether your staff are wearing trousers, shirts, tops, or lab coats, they should be made using durable materials that are flexible and comfortable.

Look out for items that have pockets, suitable necklines and utilise high-quality materials that won’t scratch or irritate the skin.

With a combination of comfort and practicality, workwear can be suited to the range of diverse tasks that healthcare workers have to take on during their workday.

Essential garments for healthcare workers

1.Lab coats

When dealing with spills, or potentially hazardous chemicals, having a lab coat to protect your skin and clothes are important.

At Wearwell we have a range of lab coats and white cotton coats that can be worn by workers in many industries but are particularly important for healthcare organisations.

 2. Face shields

Face shields can prevent you from coming into contact with airborne droplets that could cause illness. All healthcare organisations should invest in a large number of disposable masks that workers can use and dispose of daily to protect themselves.


When you’re working with potential contaminants, you want to make sure your legs are just as protected as the rest of your body. So, polycotton trousers are a great option to provide protection in case of spills and splashes.

By workwear garments for your healthcare organisation at Wearwell

If you need to purchase new garments for your workers, Wearwell has a range of high-quality, durable designs that are perfect for your industry.

Browse our full collection of workwear, or choose our bespoke service today.

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