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How Poor-Quality Workwear Hinders Productivity

How Poor-Quality Workwear Hinders Productivity

Whether for safety reasons in a factory, letting people know they can ask you for assistance on a construction site, or for practical reasons in warehouse environment, there are numerous reasons why we wear uniforms for work - but what happens when uniforms aren’t fit for purpose?

Rather than staff simply not liking how it looks, there can be a variety of genuine reasons why company workwear needs an overhaul, and in extreme cases, if this isn’t attended to, can lead to workplace accidents that could have been prevented.

Having to regularly replace workwear

Bosses finding they are repeatedly putting orders in for new workwear should look at alternative options, as this can result in unnecessary business costs and even disgruntled employees.

Particularly in industries such as construction, highway services and rail and transport where general wear and tear of work clothes is part of the territory, having employees in clothing resilient to increased movement, stretching and even elements such as fire and flames can put your mind at ease – that comes from investing in high quality workwear, rather than the lower upfront cost of low quality products, the first time around.

Workwear that doesn’t work for the entire workforce

A common oversight of companies in the past has been to employ a ‘one-size-fits-all’ workwear policy. Even if a sector tends to have a higher percentage of one gender, it’s important to have a PPE in sizes and cuts comfortable for all sexes.

An ill-fitting uniform can cause a range of limitations for staff to carry out their roles effectively and can damage morale if workers believe they aren’t being given the right tools to do their job.

While it can be tempting to buy in bulk, it can be more cost-effective long-term to consider a range of sizes and fittings.

Insufficient supply of workwear  

There’s nothing worse than hiring several new staff members and not being able to give them the uniform they need to do their jobs effectively during their inductions.

Wearwell’s flexibility in having near-shore, fast response manufacturing facilities ensures businesses can source the products needed up to 50% faster than standard delivery lead-times, meaning staff can get to work in their high-quality workwear without a drop in productivity.


Poor protection levels

Outdated uniforms and poorly maintained workwear can be the result of day-to-day focus on meeting targets. If competitors are updating their staff workwear and employees aren’t look as professional as they could be, then it could be time to invest in new gear.

Wearwell’s innovative range of PPE equipment uses the very latest in fabric technology and workwear design know-how to ensure employees not only look the part, but stay protected from all manner of workplace dangers specific to each sector.

Whether it’s disposable face shields and hairdresser gowns for the salon, or tarmacking a new road using our Tecwear products protecting against heat, static and arc flash hazards, every workforce is safe with Wearwell.      

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