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Buy British: Why Brexit is threatening PPE supplies

Buy British: Why Brexit is threatening PPE supplies

While Brexit was put on the back burner as the coronavirus pandemic took over news channels worldwide, the two are about to collide. Thanks to last-minute Brexit deals and changes in legislation, the supply of PPE from overseas faces logistical challenges; for those businesses who need to ensure a steady stream of PPE, buying British and using local suppliers unaffected by boarder delays is a smart move.

PPE Suppliers Favouring EU Countries

Back in March 2020 during the peak of the coronavirus outbreak, the European Commission declared a RescEU stockpile of medical equipment to help EU countries struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes medical equipment such as ventilators, but also PPE supplies including face masks. This makes EU countries an easy customer for many international PPE suppliers and manufacturers.

However, with the UK leaving the EU, there is a risk that international manufacturers will continue to supply PPE to EU countries but neglect the UK due to further accreditation and registration requirements. Non-UK manufacturers will also need to appoint an individual in the UK as the “responsible person” who guarantees the fair transport and distribution of PPE.

Because of these additional hurdles and the increasing organisation required, there is a possibility that overseas PPE will be in short supply, delayed or, made more expensive.

Employers Not Recognising the Threat

According to the British Chambers of Commerce, only half of all UK businesses that partake in international trade have considered the impact leaving the EU could have on their business operations. 

Many UK organisations, in particular healthcare, social care, and hospitals, need to ensure their supply chains are prepared to deal with the challenges imposed by Brexit. Buying from a UK manufacturer is an easy way to mitigate that risk.

Buy British for Quality Assurance

PPE inadequacies during the first wave of the pandemic in March 2020 made headlines around the world. With world leaders warning that the darkest days are not yet upon us and repeatedly urging everyone to take all necessary precautions during the worst of the winter period, sourcing from a British manufacturer ensures that critical items such as face masks and aprons are of a good quality, meet UK requirements for PPE and will afford the wearer the correct protection in the face of new, more transmissible variants.

As one of the oldest manufacturers of workwear in the UK, Wearwell’s PPE is not only of the highest quality, it’s also produced locally in Tamworth, meaning we aren’t impacted by boarder congestion or overseas supply chain bottlenecks. You can shop online with our webshop 24/7 or contact us for more information.

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