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How to balance style and comfort with your workwear

How to balance style and comfort with your workwear

For many people, they were workwear more than they end up wearing their own personal clothes, so it’s important that the garments they put on are both comfortable and stylish.

When you’re spending a 9-hour shift in the same heavy boilersuit, coat or trousers, they need to help you perform your job better, rather than just being a hindrance.

Here are some of our quick tips on how you can balance both style and comfort with your workwear.

Choose workwear that’s fit for the purpose

The most important part of finding workwear that is comfortable and functional for your team is by selecting pieces that fit the nature of the work they’re completing.

Every role requires very different things when it comes to workwear, so you should take these things into consideration before purchasing anything.

Choosing the right garments that compliment your employee's work will ensure that they feel good while working, rather than being held back by the clothing you provide them.

Pay close attention to the materials you’re choosing

Hard, scratchy materials are not ideal for workwear garments that are worn for hours on end, so look for soft and flexible materials.

You should also look for breathable materials that will feel comfortable when working outside, and perhaps even look into waterproof materials if your employees spend long periods of time outside.

Proper maintenance ensures long-lasting comfort

If you want to keep workwear feeling comfortable throughout their useful life, you should take care to look after them.

This means following care instructions when it comes to washing, storing and organising your workwear. This will help you to maintain the quality, appearance and feel of the garments you select for your employees.

Not only will it make the clothes feel comfortable for longer, but proper ongoing maintenance can also save you money in the long run as your garments are less likely to break or slowly wear down.

Choose bespoke workwear to fit your design requirements

Finally, if style and appearance are particularly important to you and your brand, you may want to consider choosing bespoke workwear for your team.

At Wearwell, we believe that bespoke design is at the heart of our customer’s experience shopping with us.

We’ll help you to create stylish and comfortable workwear that fits the requirements of your team and the varying hazards they may face, get in touch to find out more.

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