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How to choose the right workwear jackets for your team

How to choose the right workwear jackets for your team

Jackets are a vital piece of workwear that should be worn by teams in a variety of industries. Not only can jackets help protect your employees from harsh weather or extreme cold, but they can also be used to minimise the risk of accidents during the work day.

Whether you’re just starting to introduce jackets into your team’s workwear wardrobes, or looking to update your current pieces, here’s how to choose the right workwear jackets for your team.

What kind of protection does your team need?

The first thing to consider is the level of protection your team needs; which will be different for every type of industry or workplace.

If your team are working indoors, not operating dangerous materials or handling hazardous substances, they won’t need the same level of protection as teams who work outside in extreme temperatures with dangerous machinery.

1. Always consider the hazards

As part of your health and safety risk assessment, you should be able to identify the different hazards your team could come into contact with while at work – take these into consideration when picking out your workwear.

At Wearwell, we stock a range of jackets that are tailored for different hazards, for example, anti-static jackets, anti-acid jackets, and arc protection jackets.

 2. Will the jackets be worn inside or outside?

Next, think about whether your team will be wearing their jackets inside, outside, or both.

If they are only going to be working inside, you won’t need to choose jackets that are made for extreme temperatures outside.

On the other hand, if they’ll be wearing the jackets both inside and outside, you’ll want to choose comfortable materials that keep your employee at a comfortable temperature wherever they are.

3. Do you need jackets for all-year-round, or seasonally?

Although we don’t face really extreme temperatures in the UK, if you are buying jackets you expect your team to where all-year-round, you should be careful with the garments you choose.

You don’t want anything that will cause them to overheat when it gets warmer, similarly you want something insulating to keep them warm during the winter months.

4. Do you want to customise your workwear jackets?

The last decision you need to make in regard to your workwear jackets is whether you want to customise your workwear or not.

You can customise your team’s jackets with your company’s logo, their name, or anything else that you think would be appropriate.

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