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Tips for Reassuring Those Returning to Work

Tips for Reassuring Those Returning to Work

Recently we have seen more and more people returning to work after long periods of working from home or being furloughed.

This is going to be a big change, especially after so many people have spent time getting so used to their WFH routine.

Alongside worrying about returning to working in an office, some members of your team may also need reassuring about safety in the workplace.

Despite successful vaccination rollouts and a reduction of the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths, many people are still concerned about the possibility of catching the virus if they go back into the office—especially if they are someone who’s considered to be at-risk.

As an employer, it’s important to make sure that your employees feel safe at work so it’s a good idea to start thinking about some of the things you can put in place at the office to make your returning coworkers feel reassured and comfortable in the office environment.

Here are some of the things we recommend implementing in your business as your employees come back to work:

Hand Sanitiser Stations

Regular hand washing and sanitising is a key part of preventing your employees from getting infected with the coronavirus.

Make sure to provide hand sanitiser stations around the office that your employees can use when they need them.

The Importance of PPE

Wearing face masks can be critical in combating the spread of coronavirus, so you may choose to ask your employees to continue wearing them when they come back to the office—especially in areas where people tend to gather, like the kitchen or hallways.

By providing your employees with reusable face coverings at work, it will remind them to wear them when they can, and also prevents them from using disposable masks which can be bad for the environment.

Spaced-Out Desks

We all know about the 2-metre rule, and it’s important to still encourage your employees to socially distance themselves at work by spacing out everyone’s desks.

This may involve reorganising the office plan, and potentially moving some people away from their previous desks, but this will make it much harder to spread the virus.

Regular Deep Cleans

As we know from the pandemic, the virus can spread fast and linger on surfaces if we’re not careful. Make sure to have regular deep cleans of your office and workspaces to ensure that everything is super clean.

This reduces the chance of COVID-19 particles lingering in your office and infecting your employees.

Offer Support

If, after all the above measures have been put in place, some of your employees are still not feeling confident about being back in the office, reach out to them.

Ask them what they need to feel safe at work and do your best to provide it for them if you can.

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