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How to minimise the chance of accidents in your restaurant using PPE

How to minimise the chance of accidents in your restaurant using PPE

PPE is used in a range of workplaces to keep people safe. One of the industries where it is most commonly used is the hospitality and catering industry.

Although you may think that working in a restaurant isn’t as risky as working in construction or in a warehouse, there are still plenty of risks that could cause accidents in the workplace.

From the chefs in the kitchen, to the cleaners, there are plenty of people who are at risk of accidents when working in a restaurant.

Here’s how you can minimise the chance of accidents in your restaurant using PPE.

Why wear protective clothing in a restaurant?

Not only are kitchens hot and busy, they can also be very dangerous, with sharp knives, open fires and scolding ovens all posing a threat to workers. Wearing PPE could help protect kitchen staff from cuts, burns and more.

Similarly, when staff are working with potentially hazardous cleaning supplies, transporting food to guests on hot trays or contaminating food by accident, there are plenty of issues that could arise in this environment.

PPE to use in a restaurant setting

When working in a restaurant setting, there are a few pieces of basic PPE that staff should wear to minimise the chance of accidents.


Whether you want to provide disposable aprons for staff who face contamination from water, oils or cleaning fluids in their job, or bib aprons to protect kitchen and waiting staff, we have all the options that you could need.

Aprons are an essential piece of workwear in a restaurant setting and are highly effective at protecting the wearer from spills, splashes and cleaning fluids.

Chef trousers

Our durable chef trousers are both comfortable and practical, protecting your staff in a restaurant from spills and contamination.  With two self-lined swing pockets, elasticated waistband and a front-fastened spiral zip fly, this is an essential for any catering business.

Chef’s jacket

To protect the wearer's clothes during work in the kitchen, a good quality chef’s jacket is a must-have for any business. Styled to retain a smooth appearance once washed, our White Knight Chef’s Jacket has a classic five double-buttoned look and uses high quality materials which makes the garment perfect for any kind of kitchen staff in your business.

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