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High Visibility Clothing

A comprehensive range of hi-visibility workwear design and manufactured exclusively by Wearwell.

Our range of high quality hi-visibility workwear has been exclusively designed and carefully manufactured to maximize wearer movement and comfort and, where necessary, provide a vital protective barrier that meets both British and European PPE safety standards.

For more information or to order any of these hi-visibility workwear items, please call 01827 63651 or email

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Hi-Vis RIS-3279-TOM Boilersuit
Regular price £60.48
  • Hi Vis Orange
Multi-Norm Arc Flash Boilersuit
Regular price £233.99
  • HV Yellow/Navy
RIS-3279-TOM Hi-Vis Trouser
Regular price £27.72
  • Hi Vis Orange
RIS-3279-TOM Hi-Vis Jacket
Regular price £37.32
  • Hi Vis Orange

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