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Who are Wearwell?

Who are Wearwell?


Founded in 1939, Wearwell (UK) Ltd is one of the UK’s longest established and most successful privately-owned manufacturers of high quality workwear. We’re proud of our reputation for excellence – but this is only the start of our story.

At its heart, Wearwell is a UK manufacturer. We’ve built our reputation on best-in-class workwear and we design, create and supply a range of garments, for a range of industries, in various styles, fabrics and colours.

Thanks to a heritage that spans almost eighty years, our client roster includes a range of traditional and emerging business sectors, from workwear, industrial laundry and distributors to healthcare, construction, hospitality and the individual end user.

Technical know-how is central to what we do and our team, from designers to machinists, are highly skilled and vastly experienced. We manufacture a specialist range of garments, each made using the very latest technical fabrics, ensuring the wearer is adequately protected from welding spatter, sources of heat and flame, molten metal splash or arc flash.

Wearwell are the workwear experts. From fabric technology to garment design, every step of our production process is managed in-house. Our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of knowledge and production runs through everything we do – and we’re proud to say our team is our greatest asset.

In addition to bespoke and off the peg designs, we supply multifunctional garments which can provide protection across a range of hazards, ensuring the wearer on the frontline is adequately protected as they go about their job.  It is this responsibility that has powered our research into new fabrics, our investment in people and above all, our absolute dedication to creating highly effective workwear, whatever the industry.

Wearwell benefits from both UK and offshore manufacturing facilities giving us an advantage with pricing and flexibility in delivery times.

Using the most advance production and management techniques, we work exclusively with fabrics specifically chosen for their durability, high performance and protection and BTTG testing.

In addition to being a technical leader, Wearwell is also a creative force. We have our own design team, manufacturing facility, embroidery department and warehousing, located in the West Midlands.



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