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UK Manufacturing

UK Manufacturing

Manufacturing offshore has its advantages, but many UK businesses/customers need production here in Britain. A lot of UK businesses are looking for better quality, shortened lead times, reduced MOQ’s and the comfort in knowing that their products are made in a good social environment. Something that’s more difficult to manage when it’s made overseas.

The demand from our customers for UK-manufactured goods has seen an increase over the last year.  Not only does this boost UK and local economy, but it allows us to invest back into the company. This investment allows us to develop new and innovated products which in turn provides secure employment for our 60+ members of staff. With labour secured, Wearwell has access to some of the UKs most highly skilled textile workers who in turn provide the customer with a peace of mind as the quality of the workmanship speaks for itself.

Furthermore, being able to speak to someone quickly and who understands the nature of our industry and its expectations, is important to any consumer. When buying British, you get the rewards from a UK based head office, operating with convenient hours.

Buying British products ultimately reduces the overseas shipping, which in turn helps the environment. Many cheaper alternatives to products manufactured in Britain come from Asia, all of which need to be imported – a process that can be harmful to the environment due to the lengthy supply chains and high carbon footprint.

The advantage Wearwell boast in being able to manufacture in the UK means we can confidently deliver new garments to our customer in as little as 4 weeks. Furthermore, thanks to our UK based Design and Product Development team in conjunction with our UK factory, Wearwell can also design, manufacture and deliver new samples to customers in as little as 2 weeks. In a process we call ‘Beat the Boat’ Wearwell is able to manufacture and deliver new garments up to 50% faster than current standard industry lead-times with a fraction of the carbon footprint.

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