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Cutting down your carbon footprint one garment at a time

Cutting down your carbon footprint one garment at a time

We have relied on PPE for years to protect us from hazards in the workplace, but the huge quantities of personal protective equipment used in the coronavirus pandemic highlighted just how much of an impact disposable PPE can have on the environment and our planet.

Between February and August 2020, it is estimated that the use of PPE generated 591 tonnes of CO2 every day. This is down to both the high use of single-use PPE and the air miles travelled by importing PPE into the UK when government stocks ran low.

Therefore, there is one easy way to reduce your carbon footprint when purchasing protective workwear equipment: buying British. Here are all the benefits of buying locally and why you should select a UK manufacturer such as Wearwell for your PPE and workwear needs.

  1. Less time transporting goods

By buying British, you are physically located closer to your manufacturer. With less distance to travel, less time will be spent in transit when transporting your workwear and PPE from A to B. This will dramatically lower your impact on the environment through the reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases from vehicles. The less time spent transporting goods, the fewer greenhouse gases produced.

  1. Reduction in air miles

Planes burn up more fuel than both cars and trains, and therefore produce more carbon that enters the atmosphere. Planes also produce vapour trails and emit tropospheric ozone, also responsible for climate change. If you use UK manufacturers and suppliers, there will be a dramatic reduction in the air miles travelled and the majority of transportation can be done via train or road vehicles, which are better for the planet.

  1. Improved quality of PPE

British manufacturing is second-to-none and the UK is recognised for its top manufacturing standards. Not only will this high-quality workwear provide better protection for your workers and keep your costs down thanks to fewer replacements, but it can also reduce your carbon footprint.

By buying workwear designed to last, fewer orders will need to be placed, reducing your carbon emissions from manufacturing through to transportation and disposal.

  1. Zero carbon emission plan

The UK Government has pledged to hit net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and so using more sustainable manufacturing processes and materials is at the forefront of many UK business operations. Companies are constantly looking to find green alternatives to better the planet. By buying British, you’re more likely to be supporting other sustainable businesses, reducing your carbon footprint even further.

As a heritage Britishh manufacturer, Wearwell is committed to working sustainably and championing eneegry-saving measures throughout our supply chain.

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