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Does Tamworth Manufacturer Have Longest Serving Workforce?

Does Tamworth Manufacturer Have Longest Serving Workforce?

Tamworth manufacturer, Wearwell could well have the longest servicing workforce in the county after two staff members recently celebrated 40 years with the workwear firm. An additional two people will celebrate 20 and 35 years of service next year, while several others have clocked up between 41 and 45 years of employment.

“We’re really proud of our long servicing workforce and have lots of staff members celebrating big milestones with us,” says Wearwell CEO, Richard Wright. “There around 800 years of combined experience and know-how between the 60 or so employees on the factory floor and, I think today, it’s highly unusual to have so many team members who’ve stayed with the same employer for that long.”

Each member of staff achieving a service milestone is gifted an additional full week of paid leave to be taken in their milestone year.

Established in 1939, Wearwell is one of the oldest UK manufacturers of workplace protective and safety clothing. Its longest serving team members occupy roles on the factory floor, as supervisors and machinists, producing tens of thousands of garments each year for over a dozen different industries as well as brands such as Tesco, Volvo and PHS Besafe.

The 60-strong Wearwell team is treated to fresh fruit every morning, has recently seen the staff café revamped and can borrow books from the staff library to relax during breaks.

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