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How to choose the right laboratory workwear to help you get your work done

How to choose the right laboratory workwear to help you get your work done

When working in a laboratory, you’re exposed to a range of chemicals and potentially dangerous equipment, so it’s more important than ever to make sure that you’re wearing the right garments to keep you safe and protected at work.

Every industry is different and has varied requirements, so it’s important that when you’re looking for the best workwear for your team, you look for garments that have been specifically designed for use in laboratories.

At Wearwell we offer a range of high-quality workwear that’s suitable for use in the laboratory and have been designed with wearer movement, comfort and protection in mind. We also ensure that all of our items meet both British and European PPE safety standards, so that no matter where you’re working, you always feel safe.

Here’s examples of some of the laboratory workwear that you might want to purchase to help you get your work done.

Lab coats

A lab coat should be worn inside a laboratory at all times to protect the wearer’s clothing and skin from being exposed to potentially harmful chemicals and irritants. They should also always be buttoned all the way to the top in order for the best protection to be provided.

At Wearwell, we offer lab coats in a range of sizes, including unisex, ladies and classic lab coats so that every worker is able to find a size that fits them just right.

Our classic lab coat features bartacks at all stress points, four concealed stud front fastening, two lower patch pockets with mitred corners and a two-piece back with a central vent.


Gloves are another essential part of laboratory workwear and should be worn at any time someone is handling chemicals and irritants, even in small amounts.

You should also be using different gloves that protect against different things, like heat-resistant gloves and chemical-resistant gloves, so it’s important to assess the hazards first and then provide the appropriate PPE.

Safety eyewear

If there’s a risk of eye or facial injuries in the laboratory, protective eyewear should be worn by all employees to prevent damage from chemical splashes or UV light.

Workers could either just wear goggles, or it may be appropriate to wear face shields, or even both in order to provide the adequate protection for the work they’re doing.


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