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How you can make your PPE more appropriate for your female employees

How you can make your PPE more appropriate for your female employees

Workwear uniforms have typically been designed with the male frame in mind, which has left women in various sectors feeling let down by the uniform they wear to work.

Many have to deal with ill-fitting shirts, gloves, trousers and jackets because workwear brands aren't designing garments with their bodies in mind.

Despite the number of women working in male-dominated industries – like construction, engineering etc. – increasing, finding the right PPE continues to be a struggle.

Here’s how you can get PPE that is more appropriate for your female employees.

Why do women need different PPE than men?

Women often have a smaller bone structure than men, with narrower hands, smaller facial features and shorter feet. These physical differences often aren’t taken into account when sourcing PPE.

When women have no choice but to wear the PPE provided to male colleagues, some of these potential risks can occur:

  • Limited mobility from wearing men’s gloves, putting the worker at a higher risk of injury
  • At the risk of falling, slipping, or tripping when trying to move around the workplace in men’s shoes
  • At the risk of getting flying debris in their eyes when not wearing properly sized goggles

How to get the right PPE for your female workforce

To get PPE that suits everyone, you should first ask each member of your workforce what they need and their sizes. This way you can make sure all of the PPE you purchase is fit for use.

Women’s tops

Without a well-fitting top, work can be uncomfortable for women so, it’s important to provide female workers with t-shirts that are designed for their specific body type.

At Wearwell, we have our women’s klassic workwear polo shirt, which is made of high-quality, comfortable material, and suitable for various industries.

Women’s lab coat

For healthcare or scientific environments, a lab coat can protect the wearer from spills and hazardous chemicals. A women’s lab coat will fit securely and minimise the risk of any accidents.

Women’s trousers

Finally, for industries such as the food industry, having well-fitting trousers is essential. Our Ladies Food Industry Trousers are made from a durable polycotton woven fabric that can be used in various intensive environments.

You can also choose our bespoke service, where we can design garments uniquely suited to your workplace.

Improving women’s workwear will make your work environment safer and more comfortable for all your employees. When your employees have garments that fit them, they feel happier and more motivated in their work.

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