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The essential workwear items that all start-up construction businesses need

The essential workwear items that all start-up construction businesses need

Working on a construction site can put you in front of a range of hazards. Many of these hazards can easily cause serious injury or even death in some cases.

To prevent the risk of these accidents and injuries occurring while on-site, it’s important that all construction workers are provided with adequate PPE that is fit for purpose.

Safety is of the utmost importance on the construction site, and any start-up business will need to fully consider the needs of the site when purchasing garments.

So before you get people on the ground working, here are some of the most important pieces of PPE that you need to provide them with.

High Visibility Jackets

A hi-vis jacket may be one of the most important pieces of workwear you can provide. These types of jackets will increase the visibility of any of the workers you have on-site.

This means that they are visible to all other employees, so if they get in trouble, their co-workers will be aware of their presence and can act quickly to help them if needed.

Our hi-vis jackets are manufactured in a durable polyester fabric with industry-leading 3M 9920 reflective tape.

Durable Workwear Trousers

Having a comfortable and protective pair of trousers to wear on-site is also important. These can protect your legs and will provide comfort when your employees are up and about.

Our workwear trousers are designed to suit most normal working environments – including construction – and are manufactured using durable, high-quality UK dyed and finished 245gsm poly-cotton workwear grade Carrington fabric.

They also come with added pockets for efficiency when working with different tools.

Protective socks

When you’re on-site, the last thing you want is cold and wet feet, so a good quality pair of socks is essential.

Our flame retardant electrostatic socks will not only keep your feet nice and comfortable but will also protect the wearer from electrostatic charges.

Buying construction PPE online

If you’re looking to buy the perfect PPE for the construction industry, you can browse our full selection of items here at Wearwell.

From jackets and coats to trousers and tops, we have a range of items that will suit your needs.

You can also choose to use our bespoke service, where we can design and manufacture garments to your exact specifications.

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