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What’s better for bespoke workwear logos: embroidery or printing?

What’s better for bespoke workwear logos: embroidery or printing?

By using our bespoke service, you can choose to design and manufacture your company’s workwear based on your own specific requirements.

When it comes to creating branded workwear, there are normally two directions you can go down: embroidering your logo or printing.

These two popular options both give a professional and unique quality to your workwear and will make your employees easily identifiable when in uniform.

If you want to learn more about these two options and which may be better for your needs, keep on reading.

Here are some of the considerations you may want to think about when choosing how to design your branded workwear:

The complexity of your logo design

If you have a small logo, that only uses a few colours, that you want to be placed on the front of your garments, it is easy to embroider.

When you start adding various colours to the design or want something large and complex that will cover the full back of your garments, it may be simpler to choose a printed design.

The end purpose of your garments

Depending on how intense your work environment is, it may affect your decision to choose between embroidered garments and printed ones.

Print can fade and stitches can fray, so you should consider how likely these are to happen. For example, if your workers spend a lot of time outside printed logos may fade faster, or if they’re working inside and moving around a warehouse, there may be more chance of fraying the edges of embroidered logos.


The type of garment you want to customise

Certain techniques work better on different garments. For example, embroidering can work on tops, sweatshirts, hoodies, softshells and hats.

Printing on the other hand is best on t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, protective workwear and hi-vis garments.

The number of garments you wish to order

Depending on the number of garments you want to customise, the price can vary between embroidered and printed logos.

There is normally a minimum order quantity when it comes to printing due to the set-up costs, but the minimum order quantity is typically much smaller for embroidering.

If you just have a small number of garments to customise, it may work out to be more cost-effective to embroider.

Bespoke workwear at Wearwell

If you want to design some bespoke workwear for your business, get in touch with us today and our team of experts will be happy to help.


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