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Industry in focus: Logistics and Haulage

Industry in focus: Logistics and Haulage

After the supply chain challenges of 2021, what’s in store for the sector this year?

The effects of the pandemic and supply chain bottlenecks of 2021 have been felt by businesses in a variety of industries.

Consequences have been far-reaching, but one sector that has been hit particularly hard by all these events is the logistics and haulage industr

The logistics and haulage industry in 2021

Logistics and haulage firms are involved in the transport and storage of goods. Businesses in this sector form a vital part of supply chains and are the people that get a business's products in the hands of a customer.

Therefore, it’s easy to imagine how the global supply chain issues created such a problem for logistics business owners.

Now that movement of goods is speeding up, what’s next for this industry.

More automation and technology

Automation and technology have been allowing businesses to excel and improve, and the logistics and haulage industry is set to be the next that will benefit from these advancements.

More warehouses are starting to use robots in their warehouses to improve efficiencies, speed up order picking and optimise the flow of products through the warehouse.


Similarly, logistics firms are employing more advanced automation to help manage their fleets, optimise delivery routes and organise drivers.

Spreading out warehouses across multiple locations

It has commonly been the norm for companies to have one centralised warehouse where they ship all of their products from.

With customers expecting quick – and sometimes even same-day – delivery, this strategy is no longer working.

More companies are switching from one centralised warehouse to numerous warehouses that are spread across the country.

This allows shipments to reach customers quickly and satisfy the growing need for highly efficient delivery services.

The growth of collaborative working

Over the next year, we’re going to be seeing much more collaboration in the logistics and haulage industries.

Some collaboration is already happening, but it’s expected to become much more widespread.

Efficiency and collaboration between businesses will be facilitated through consistent standards, advancing technology, and innovative partnerships between a range of players in the sector.

Many companies are choosing to enter joint ventures and alliances to achieve collaboration, which will see larger players continue dominating in global markets.

The future of the logistics and haulage industry seem to be positive, which is much needed after such a tough couple of years.

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