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New To Buying PPE? Here Are 3 Things To Look Out For Before You Buy

New To Buying PPE? Here Are 3 Things To Look Out For Before You Buy

If PPE isn’t something you’d usually use as part of your day-to-day operations, the challenge of reopening your business and protecting staff and customers can feel overwhelming.

With so many government guidelines to adhere to and the need to purchase suitable PPE a top priority for many business owners, here are the things you should look out for when ordering PPE.

Think about what you actually need

Some suppliers are offering PPE bundles which might seem like a good, time-saving idea and an easy way to get what you need in one go. In reality, these pre-designed packages could see you wasting valuable funds on items you don’t really need. 

For example, some PPE bundles for protection against coronavirus come complete with plastic aprons, but if you won’t be getting too close to customers or working in a healthcare situation, then you’re paying for something you won’t use. To ensure your budget goes towards appropriate PPE, carry out a risk assessment to get a better understanding of what you actually require before you place an order.

Watch out for non-compliant PPE

Unfortunately, there is non-compliant PPE flooding the UK market at the moment. A lot of products have been brought in from overseas which do not have the correct certification or meet EU standards.

Non-compliant PPE does not offer the protection needed for staff under government legislation and can give a false sense of security, placing your team and any visitors or members of the public they come into contact with at risk.

Current guidance on PPE for a wide range of industries can be found on the HSE website here, so be sure to read the information when you start to look for PPE and always buy British when you can.

Reusable PPE and maintenance

PPE can be expensive as many of the items needed to protect staff from the risk of injury and infection require replacement or maintenance. Buy the best that you can afford from a reputable supplier and find out how to properly maintain any items you need to increase their lifespan.

For protection against COVID-19, Wearwell stocks a range of reusable PPE including washable antibacterial facemasks. Our full range can also be shopped online from our online store, with each item clearly stating its intended use and appropriate standards.


10x Washable Antibacterial Face Masks

£15.60 £35.94

*** Buy 5 Get 1 Free ***

Sold in Packs of 10, these Washable Antibacterial Face Masks have been designed to comply with current UK, Scottish, Welsh and NI Government guidelines. They are made from light weight, pure cotton, with added anti-microbial finish able to kill 99.9% of known bacteria.

These antibacterial face masks are both flexible and extremely comfortable thanks to their mouldable nose bridge, which has been designed to reducing the gap between the mask and face.

These washable face masks are perfectly suited for wearing on long journeys, on public transport, or whilst shopping, as they are both light weight and comfortable, 

These face masks can be washed up to 20 times whilst still retaining their added anti-microbial finish.

  • Added anti-microbial finish
  • Can be washed up to 20 times
  • Light weight for added comfort
  • Made using double-layer cotton
  • Mouldable nose bridge
  • Soft, elasticated ear loops

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