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The Benefits of ‘Made in the UK’

The Benefits of ‘Made in the UK’

Based out of a 10,000 square foot, purpose-built facility right here in Staffordshire, we design, produce, and supply as much of our range as possible from Great Britain. 

And a question we’re often asked is: ‘why?’

Isn’t offshore production more cost effective, with savings passed on to buyers?

Isn’t there a better pool of skilled specialists in other countries?

We understand that there are benefits to offshore production. But we also believe that there are even more benefits to be seen with workwear that’s made in the UK. 

Just some of these benefits include:

  • Guaranteed Quality

Workwear and PPE that’s manufactured in the UK must be made to all relevant UK health and safety regulations. Legislation is different all over the world, and some countries impose much more lenient regulations that can impact the quality of an item. We’re proud to comply with all necessary UK laws, giving us complete confidence that we’re producing high quality products, each and every time. 

  • Product Compatibility

UK manufacturers understand UK needs. Simply from working in the industry, we naturally follow changes in UK legislation, we listen to UK businesses, and we work in the UK economy. This enables to design new ranges and collections that are specifically designed to improve safety, productivity, and satisfaction across UK work sites. 

  • Faster Lead Times

When products are designed in the UK, manufactured in the UK, and shipped from a UK facility to a UK client, lead times are naturally much shorter than when orders are outsourced abroad. As an example of this, we’re able to deliver a standard order from our UK facility within just 4 weeks. However, for those orders that come from our incredible facilities in North Africa, the lead time is extended 6 weeks due to transit. 


  • Competitive Pricing

While production costs in other countries may be lower, logistics and export fees are getting higher… to the point where it’s becoming much more affordable to manufacture in the UK. Rising fuel prices, European driver shortages, and Brexit have all made it more expensive to produce workwear in other countries, with a smaller, more local supply chain emerging as a powerful way to keep costs to a minimum. 

  • Sustainability

Clothing and fashion accounts for around 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale. And to reduce our carbon footprint, that’s an area we need to focus on. Workwear that’s made in the UK naturally comes with fewer ‘clothing miles’ than garments produced abroad, as there is far less transport required to ship the items where they’re needed. Shopping local is key to protecting our vulnerable planet. 

  • Support Local

We want to finish off our list of benefits with the advantage that is perhaps the biggest and most important of all: the fact that, when you buy workwear made in the UK, you’re helping to support our economy. The UK economy is struggling. But businesses and consumers have the opportunity to change that. At Wearwell, we’ve been operating in the UK since 1939. Our secret to longevity? Our loyal customers. 

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