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The Essential Workwear Every Commercial Kitchen Needs

The Essential Workwear Every Commercial Kitchen Needs

Protective clothing - in one form or another - is used in practically every working environment. This clothing is designed to protect the wearer from the specific risks associated with their role. This could be a risk of slips and trips, heat exposure, electrical hazards, chemicals, or anything else. Different environments present different risks, which means that different PPE is needed to protect employees.

So, what workwear is essential in commercial kitchens?

The truth is that there’s really no set standard. Every commercial kitchen is different. The most critical element to consider is ensuring that the workwear you’re providing your staff is suitable for your environment, and the specific risks present within that environment. However, there are a few core essentials that every kitchen needs:

  • Jackets and aprons

Chef jackets are absolutely critical for anyone working with hot foods or hot appliances. Unlike tops which may have a tighter fit, jackets are designed to be looser, creating a crucial barrier between the skin and the source of heat. This can help to prevent burns from spillages, or in case of accidents around appliances. The addition of an apron over the jacket provides an extra layer of protection.

  • Chef trousers

Chef trousers perform much the same role as jackets, primarily protecting the bottom half of the body from burns. They typically have a thick outer material to enhance protection. Unlike regular trousers, chef trousers are designed for a looser fit, ensuring the wearer has a full range of movement without restriction. These trousers are also highly breathable, helping to keep staff cool and comfortable.

  • Footwear

Often overlooked, footwear is perhaps the most important form of workwear for any commercial kitchen setting. Kitchen workers spend a huge portion of their shift on their feet, so footwear that fully supports the foot and ankle is essential. Footwear must also be slip-resistant, ensuring that kitchen workers can transition easily throughout different surfaces, and reduce the risk of falls, trips, and other accidents.

What to Consider When Choosing Workwear for Kitchens

Choosing the wrong workwear for your commercial kitchen could have major consequences. Contamination. Discomfort. And even accidents and injury. It’s important to get it right. Fortunately, there are a few ways to ensure you’re making the best possible decision or you, for your staff, and for the future of your business:

  • Assess the specific risks within your environment
  • Involve your staff in the decision making process
  • Look for workwear that’s durable, high quality, and easy to clean
  • Select comfortable workwear that supports the wearer

At Wearwell, we offer a diverse range of workwear and personal protective equipment for commercial kitchen employees. Browse our collection today.


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