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What is Chemical Splash Workwear?

What is Chemical Splash Workwear?

If you operate within any industry — or are undertaking any job — where there is the potential risk of chemical splash, then it is the responsibility of the employer to provide suitable protective clothing and equipment to ensure high levels of on-site safety.

Chemical splash workwear is manufactured especially to minimise chemical risk, and is used within many sectors including automotive, food manufacturing, construction, healthcare, highway services, oil and gas, transport, and utilities to name just a few.

What Does Chemical Splash Workwear do?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) with chemical splash protection ensures that workwear is made from fabrics — or features appropriate fabric coatings — that prevent liquids from penetrating through the clothing. This keeps chemicals and other toxic substances away from the skin in the event of a spillage or accident. This includes fuels, hazardous oils, and many different forms of acids. With direct contact, these sorts of chemicals can cause anything from mild skin irritation to permanent tissue damage and life-threatening burns, which is why chemical splash workwear is essential in high risk environments.

What is Chemical Splash Workwear Made From?

While chemical splash workwear can be made from a wide range of materials, a blend of both natural and synthetic fabrics is most common due to the increased comfort afforded to the wearer. These fabrics will be coated in a protective sealant to prevent liquid penetration, and there are many different types of coating that meet requirements. However, at Wearwell, our research tells us that fluorocarbon-treated fabrics perform the best.

Fluorocarbon has a strong and stable structure and works to lower the surface tension of solid fabric, creating a heavy duty, impenetrable barrier. It’s also non-flammable in air helping to reduce the risk of chemical fires. However, whatever fabric or fabric coating chemical splash workwear is made from, the most important element is that the garment meets EN ISO 13034 criteria — protective clothing against liquid chemicals — as this ensures that the clothing meets the strict requirements for chemical protection.

What Chemical Splash Workwear is Available?

Chemical splash workwear comes in all shapes and sizes to ensure full, comprehensive protection for workers. At Wearwell, we offer multi-norm trousers and jackets, along with coats and full boiler suits which all protect the wearer against liquid splash. Our Tecwear range also protects against heat and flame, weld spatter, arc flash, and static build up, providing high quality, all-round protection for a wide range of high risk environments.

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