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Where Fashion Trends Meet Functionality: Should Workwear Ever Be Stylish?

Where Fashion Trends Meet Functionality: Should Workwear Ever Be Stylish?

In a fashion-conscious society where people want to look and feel good even while at work, it stands to reason that many workwear and PPE designers and manufacturers are looking at ways to combine safety and functionality with style.

While some would argue that protective clothing should be pragmatic above all else, brands such as Herock® have begun to pave the way for a new generation of workwear that is both supremely comfortable and fashionable, all while retaining the required safety elements in its designs.

Why have brands started looking at more comfortable protective workwear?

Because industries such as construction, engineering, and automotive are no longer fixed in terms of being male-dominated environments, PPE and protective workwear manufacturers are having to think more about making clothing and garments applicable to all.

It’s becoming increasingly important for brands to recognise that equality in the workplace is a driving factor around what employees should be wearing, with a ‘one size fits all’ approach no longer cutting it when it comes to uniforms and equipment for safety purposes.

Is fashionable workwear still compliant in terms of safety?

While a significant part of the design process for trousers, shorts, jackets and bodywarmers will consider comfort, flexibility and appealing aesthetic, each workwear item still takes into account the need for compliant materials.

By using fabrics such as polyester and cotton with water and heat repellent surface coatings, as well as reinforcement material such as polyamide, these clothing items are still capable of withstanding severe weather elements, regular washing, and ever-changing work scenarios.

What makes these workwear brands fashionable?

Working in a demanding work environment no longer means that you have to ask employees to wear ill-fitting workwear that they can’t wait to take off when their shift ends.

Technological and scientific innovations have shown that functionality can be paired with new fabrics that can include a variety of on-trend colours and patterns without affecting the ability for the workwear to take the pressure of muscles and joints when lifting or operating heavy machinery.

This means that entire teams can be dressed in the same stylish uniforms, which will no doubt catch the eye of visiting clients, as well as those following on your social media platforms, and can be a great way of building brand identity at the same time as keeping your workforce safe.  

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