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Where to get personal protective equipment for your new warehousing employees

Where to get personal protective equipment for your new warehousing employees

If you work in the warehousing or logistics industry you’ve probably been feeling the pressure from the recent labor shortages in the UK, and preparing to ramp up to increase your team size in the new year.

With lots of new recruits coming into your warehouse, one of the most important considerations that you will have to think about is how you can keep your staff safe when they’re operating machinery and on the warehouse floor.

PPE is a necessity for warehouse workers, and if you don’t have enough already, you may find yourself looking to make a bulk order of personal protective equipment for your staff—but where do you start?

Warehousing workwear available at Wearwell

At Wearwell, we offer a range of warehousing workwear that have been designed and manufactured exclusively by us—so we can guarantee that it’s going to be the best of the best.

All of our garments are designed to maximise wearer movement and comfort as much as possible, and are also made to last throughout intensive work days.

Here are some of our most popular items that you can stock up on for your new warehouse recruits, or you could choose to design your own bespoke workwear that suits your team and workplace.

Industrial boiler suit

Our boiler suit in a classic weight is one of the most popular items on our website as it’s suitable for use in most warehouse environments. Made using poly-cotton fabric, this garment is the ideal suit for industrial use that’s both durable and practical.

Cargo trousers

If you want to provide your warehouse staff with everyday trousers that are comfortable and durable, we’d recommend stocking up on cargo trousers. Featuring a jetted hip pocket, two side swing pockets and two stud-fastened cargo pockets, these are a great pair of cargo trousers to wear around the warehouse.

FR two-tone boiler suit

For warehouses where your staff require more protection, the FR boiler suit is a great option for you to stock up on.

The boiler suit uses durable, flame-retardant materials that are built to protect your staff, and have been designed specifically with general welding and allied processes environments.

FR & Anti-static sweatshirt

Finally we have the anti-static sweatshirt, a comfortable yet hard-working sweater that offers protection in environments where workers are at risk from heat and flame.

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