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Why Choose British-Made Workwear?

Why Choose British-Made Workwear?

If your organisation is searching for quality workwear or personal protective equipment, the magic of the internet means that you can order from manufacturers and suppliers located all over the world. There really is an overwhelming amount of choice, but perhaps businesses don’t need to be looking quite so far afield. At Wearwell, we’ve been manufacturing in the UK since the company was founded way back in 1939, and we believe there are a number of benefits to choosing British-made workwear, such as:

  • Reducing Wardrobe Miles

One of the biggest challenges facing the clothing industry today is sustainability. When garments are manufactured abroad, the fuel used to transport the goods to retailers or to the customer can have a significant impact on the environment. It’s estimated that every km travelled by plane per ton results in a whopping 500 grams of carbon dioxide emissions. Compare this to the 60 – 150g of CO2  emitted for road travel, and 30 – 100g for rail travel, and it’s clear to see how UK manufacturing can help organisations make more environmentally-friendly, sustainable choices, and lower their carbon footprint.

  • Implementing Change… Quickly

Health and safety is an area where an ability to adapt quickly isn’t just desired but actually necessary. Whether a risk assessment has identified new workplace dangers, a review of processes has found that existing PPE isn’t adequate for the environment, or workwear has become damaged or compromised and is in need of replacement, organisations need to have peace of mind that they’re able to take action immediately. Our UK manufacturing facility ensures that we’re able to provide standard samples within two weeks, with full orders delivered to your site in just four weeks.

  • Supporting the Economy

While supporting the local economy has always been important, this importance was only truly realised in light of Brexit, when concerns were raised about how the country would cope independently outside of the EU. Through the transition period, it remains vital that we all do what we can to support the local economy, and buying local, British-made products is a fantastic way to do that. Buying locally puts money back into the economy, while UK manufacturing facilities such as Wearwell’s warehouse creates jobs for local people, and promotes and encourages innovation across the country.

  • Having Peace of Mind

When buying from UK manufacturing facilities, businesses are provided with complete peace of mind that the facilities are adhering to British regulation and that clothing is being made to approved UK standards. Having this peace of mind is essential with clothing that plays such a large role in health and safety. At Wearwell, our personal protective equipment has been certified by respected testing body BTTG, and we’re proud to confirm that our 10,000 square foot, purpose built UK warehouse conforms to both ISO 9001 and Article 11b which means we meet essential quality requirements.

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