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With £10bn in PPE thrown away, what should you look for?

With £10bn in PPE thrown away, what should you look for?

Like many people, we were shocked when we heard that the UK had wasted over £10 billion on defective and unsuitable PPE.

PPE is a necessity in many industries to keep employees safe while at work, without it the number of work-related accidents and injuries could increase significantly – so this amount of defective stock could be causing many problems for businesses that needed the equipment urgently.

If you’re worried about finding your business in the same situation as many others, here are a few things that you should look out for when buying PPE to ensure you’re getting the best quality possible.

  • Don’t go straight for the cheapest options
  • When you need to order a big batch of PPE, you might be tempted to go for the companies that offer you the cheapest price possible – but this isn’t always the best approach.
  • When it comes to equipment that keeps your employees safe at work, it doesn’t pay to go for the cheapest PPE. If anything seems extremely low cost, it’s normally indicative of low-quality products that will not provide adequate protection.
  • Choose PPE specific to your industry
  • Because so many different industries use PPE for different reasons, you can often find PPE designed specifically for your kind of business.
  • Whether you operate a restaurant and need aprons, or if you run a healthcare business that’s running low on lab coats, it’s best to buy things that are designed with your employees in mind rather than just generic gear.
  • Follow industry guidance for your workplace
  • Not every piece of PPE will work in your industry, to find what’s fit for the purpose you should consult specific guidance from your particular industry advisor.
  • The requirements of PPE vary between workplaces and will also vary between each employee and the tasks that they are taking on.
  • Some employees may be involved in more manual labour and intense work that requires them to wear more heavy-duty PPE, while some can get away with wearing something less intensive.
  • Check the materials
  • Finally, before buying any PPE you should always check the materials that are used. Fabric composition is incredibly important and can affect the durability and protection offered by the clothing.
  • In terms of durability, a poly-cotton blend is normally ideal for PPE – providing comfort, longevity and adequate protection to workers in a range of fields. Similarly, PPE with antimicrobial properties is ideal for health workers.

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