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Klothe's 'Design with Purpose' Approach Delivers Optimised Uniforms for Any Industry

Klothe's 'Design with Purpose' Approach Delivers Optimised Uniforms for Any Industry

Klothe, a division of Wearwell (UK) Ltd, has launched its new brand with a strong UK manufacturing heritage dating back to 1939. As part of an award-winning team recognised as the UK's best work clothing manufacturer, Klothe delivers exceptional uniforms to a variety of sectors. With vast experience and the ability to adapt, Klothe offers tailored solutions that meet the exacting needs of any industry.

Klothe's head office is centrally located in Tamworth, enabling them to offer a low MOQ rapid response platform supported by both nearshore and far shore manufacturing facilities. Their unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding products and services utilising UK manufacturing skills ensures that they have experience delivering products to a diverse range of industries, leaving them well-prepared for any challenge.

Klothe's team of designers specialises in key industry sectors, allowing them to understand the nuances of wearers and the demanding tasks uniforms must perform. When creating a new uniform, they start with the wearer, their needs, and the demands of their daily duties. They take the time to engage with clients and truly appreciate the stresses of the working environment, ensuring that garments are fit for purpose, provide comfort, wearability, and most importantly, the appropriate level of protection.

At Klothe, customers come first, and everything the company designs and makes is driven by the client. The company has delivered uniform programs across different sectors, from airlines to heavy industry, hospitality to healthcare, and everything in between. Klothe brings together a team with over 200 years' combined experience in the delivery of complex, quality garment collections, not just from the UK, but across the world.

"We're a group of people with open minds, and a serious passion for what we do," said Simon Stowe, a spokesperson for Klothe. "Our strength comes from each and every one of our talented individuals who work on behalf of our clients to deliver outstanding garments."

Klothe's skilled technical design team and unique 'Design with Purpose' approach ensure that every aspect of the uniform is optimised and that every detail exists for a reason. With its manufacturing heritage, Klothe understands the costs involved in production and avoids wasteful over-engineering or unnecessary embellishments.

In an ever-changing world, Klothe knows agility matters. Its extensive industry experience, combined with its ability to adapt, means that whatever the industry, Klothe has the relevant expertise to design a uniform that exceeds expectations.

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