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4 ways to guard against a winter coronavirus outbreak

4 ways to guard against a winter coronavirus outbreak

When winter rolls around, the number of workplace absences due to sicknesses such as coronavirus, colds, and the flu soar. According to a report released by Reuters, global COVID cases will increase during the coming months, albeit at a lower rate than we have seen previously.  

With this in mind, it’s important that businesses pull out all the stops to help keep employees safe, and limit coronavirus outbreaks among their workforces. To help you protect your staff, we’ve put together a list of precautions you can take to help prevent a winter coronavirus outbreak.

  1. Reintroduce Masks

Although masks are no longer obligatory, it is worth considering reintroducing them as a requirement for employees, as they help to mitigate against the spread of infection.

Wearing a face shield in conjunction with a medical-grade disposable mask will provide the wearer with the best possible protection against the virus, as it prevents small droplets of the virus from entering the mouth, nose, and eyes.

  1. Air Filtration

If your staff are working indoors - whether in a warehouse, factory, or office - it’s crucial to ensure that the space is properly ventilated. An efficient air filtration system will remove contaminated air and replace it with clean air.

  1. Regular Testing

Throughout the winter months, you may want to consider asking your employees to use rapid flow tests to test themselves for coronavirus on a regular basis, or if they display any symptoms.

Regular testing can help to identify cases as soon as possible, allowing the infected individual to take the necessary precautions to avoid passing the virus onto colleagues.

  1. Adequate Clothing

For a number of reasons, our bodies are more susceptible to illness when exposed to the cold. To help prevent your employees from catching COVID-19, provide them with weather appropriate clothing.

Layering is key to keeping the body warm, and thermals are highly effective for keeping the body warm. Wearing multiple layers also allows for easy heat regulation, as an individual can add or remove items of clothing as required.

Our high-quality jackets can be worn over multiple layers, and are also optimised for the wearer’s comfort and movement, allowing them to effectively carry out their duties.

If you’re on the hunt for workplace clothing and PPE, don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of our friendly sales team will be more than happy to help.


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