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5 great reasons to champion British manufacturing

5 great reasons to champion British manufacturing

The eCommerce industry is booming, its growth having been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, and products from across the globe are becoming easily accessible and readily available. However, there are several reasons why you should keep your manufacturing in Britain rather than searching abroad:

1. Support Local Businesses & Economy

The first reason to use a British manufacturing company is that you are helping feed into the local economy. The UK’s economy is struggling, and the country is in an economic downturn after the coronavirus outbreak. Actively seeking out products made in Great Britain is an easy way to support local businesses and contribute to economic recov ery.

Using a UK manufacturing company is a great way to do this and will help the country retain jobs while providing valuable skills in manufacturing to future generations that could otherwise get lost behind.

2. Keeps Track of Costings

Secondly, purchasing from a UK manufacturing company makes it much easier to keep track of your finances and budget ahead for big purchases. There are often concerns that UK manufacturing is more expensive, but the gap between UK and overseas manufacturing is closing.

It may be cheaper at first glance to purchase a large bulk order from a manufacturing company from the Far East, but often with companies located overseas, additional fees can be added to your bill further down the line. This can cause costs to be much higher than initially anticipated and make it near impossible to accurately budget ahead.

3. Lower Minimum Orders

A UK manufacturing company is likely to have a lower minimum order than if you were to use an overseas company. This is practical for smaller businesses in particular and makes business less risky and more easily accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs. If the products you purchase don’t sell, you can discontinue them without huge losses.

4. Better for the Environment

Purchasing from British businesses is also the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly option available. By choosing a UK manufacturing company, you significantly reduce the number of miles that the product must travel to reach you, and thus reduce the amount of fuel used and damage caused.

This is great on a personal level as in a time where climate change is having a drastic impact on the future of our planet, everyone should be seeking to make greener changes. In a more environmentally-conscious world, many customers also prefer locally made products and so are more likely to buy from a British manufacturer.

5 – Quicker Turnaround

While fewer miles travelled is fantastic for the planet, it also reduces the time taken for you to receive your products from the manufacturer. The more rapidly you receive your stock, the faster you can start selling to potential customers. Over the years, this will account for significant extra profit for your business.

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