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Should you have a UK-made PPE only policy in place?

Should you have a UK-made PPE only policy in place?

At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, only 1% of the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) could be met in the UK. However, the UK Government has now said that by December 2020 they want the UK to produce 70% of the country’s required PPE.

As a business, it makes financial and practical sense to have a UK-manufactured PPE policy in place, given this rise is productivity and availability:   

Support the UK Economy & Create More Jobs

The global pandemic has caused a peak in unemployment as many companies have made staff redundant and thousands of businesses have been forced to close their doors for good. The shift in PPE production happening in the UK has created hundreds of new jobs across the country, helping the economy survive and giving new opportunities to those who may have suddenly found themselves out of work.

According to Health & Care Secretary, Matt Hancock, “We have built robust and resilient supply chains from scratch, and thanks to an absolutely phenomenal effort from UK businesses, almost three-quarters of demand for PPE will soon be met by UK manufacturers.” Supporting these UK manufacturers is essential to ensuring their continued success. By having a UK-made PPE only policy in place, you can keep your staff safe all while helping the UK economy get back on its feet.

Reduced Reliance on Overseas Companies

When the pandemic first reached the UK and there was a surge in the need for PPE, especially in the healthcare sector, our country relied almost solely on overseas companies providing the necessary equipment. This led to huge shortages in PPE, with hundreds of healthcare professionals not receiving the equipment they deserve, accelerating the propagation of the virus.

Having a UK-only PPE policy in place means your business will no longer be reliant on these overseas companies. You will be able to get the required PPE to your staff quickly, giving the protection your staff and customers deserve with a level of quality that you can trust.

Four-Month Stockpiles for Continuous PPE

There are concerns that by opting for a UK-made only PPE policy, the country will quickly deplete its supplies. However, according to a press release from the UK Government on 28th September, four-month stockpiles of items such as face masks, fluid-resistant visors, and protective gowns will be in place from November. This will ensure that PPE can continually be provided to those on the front line, so putting in a UK-made PPE only policy in place will not run the risk of depleting UK supplies.

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