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All You Need To Know About Hi-Vis Workwear

All You Need To Know About Hi-Vis Workwear

High-visibility, or hi-vis, clothing is often an essential element of many a professional’s working wardrobe. Requirements can change depending on the weather, the time of year or the location of the worker, and therefore it’s vital to learn everything you need to know about when and how it should be used.


What does the law say about hi-vis clothing?

Over the past 40 years, the law on Personal Protective Equipment has changed and grown. The PPE at work regulations of 1992 states that employers have a duty to provide this PPE to all workers and visitors onsite. All personal protective equipment should carry the CE Mark, which signifies that the PPE satisfies certain basic safety requirements.

The law also states that the employer is responsible for the health and safety of their team and working conditions and they must carry out the appropriate risk assessments and promote good habits. This, of course, includes hi-vis clothing.


Which environments need hi-vis clothing?

Hi-vis clothing is often closely associated with road working and nighttime workwear. While these are two situations where hi-vis clothing is especially necessary, there are many environments where high-visibility clothing is needed.

In wet weather conditions, waterproof hi-vis clothing must be provided to any member of staff who is working outside. During the winter months hi-vis clothing with reflectivity is essential as the days can be darker, but even in sunny weather, hi-vis is still a must. In brighter weather conditions, a higher contrast is needed, which is why it’s important to choose the correct colour and material for your working environment.


Many materials go into making the perfect high-visibility work clothing, and these change depending on the climate and position of the worker. Reflective elements are made using a method known as retroreflection, which bounces light rays back in the direction they come from

It’s important to consider the other safety standards that your garment needs to meet. Our flame retardant hi-vis boiler suits are made from a 350gsm Hi-Visibility Poly Blend, which ensures they protect from fire while remaining highly visible.

Durable fabric is also essential to ensure that the garment can be washed and cared for adequately and maintain its high level of protection. Our Tecwear boiler suits are made from launderable polyester and are designed to be safe, durable and incredibly comfortable.

It’s also important to make sure all clothing you’re wearing, both under and over your hi-vis workwear is up to standard. If you’re working in an environment which needs flame resistant clothing, then all garments worn must also be fireproof.

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