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The Importance Of Article 11B

The Importance Of Article 11B

The importance of article 11B

When it comes to buying PPE and workwear, quality is essential. Choosing those that match up to rigorous standards could mean the difference between an accident causing only minor injuries and those that prove fatal. As a result, garments and other equipment should be tested against article 11B.

What is article 11B?

Article 11B is part of the PPE Directive of the European Council that aims to make it easy to source workwear that matches or exceeds minimum standards that have been set out. Items that meet the PPE directive can affix the CE mark to their product, signifying that it matches the essential requirements and performance levels or the product’s directive.

Article 11B is concerned with quality control. When applying for CE mark for PPE products, businesses must show documents that demonstrate the model has been approved, information on the quality control system, and commit to maintaining adequacy and efficiency of quality control. The combination of documentation means that the products that live up to article 11B standards are not only high quality when tested but should provide you with consistency whenever you purchase the items.

Why does article 11B matter?

When you think about how important PPE is for ensuring safety in a huge range of environments, it’s clear that it’s an area where quality should be considered critical. As a result, checking that your PPE has the CE mark and is, therefore, made with quality in mind, should be considered one of the essential steps when you’re investing in new garments or equipment.

It gives you the peace of mind that when you purchase a PPE item, it’s been tested working environments in mind, whether it needs to be flame resistant or protect against the risk of arc flash. But it the quality control system section that’s really important. You want to know that the PPE you buy consistently meets the standards that have been set out. You want to be able to replace you PPE safe in the knowledge that it’ll match up to the quality you expect.

Whether you’re purchasing PPE for yourself or your team that’s based internationally, compliance with article 11B should be considered of the upmost importance. When you work with Wearwell, you can rest assured that all the PPE you purchase has been thoroughly tested to meet EU standards, giving you complete peace of mind whenever you’re on the job.

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