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British Workwear Manufacturer Wearwell Makes Anti-Virus Snoods

British Workwear Manufacturer Wearwell Makes Anti-Virus Snoods

British workwear manufacturer, Wearwell has begun manufacturing Virustatic® Shield – a new and innovative product created to provide protection from the corona virus.

Using a patented anti-viral fabric, (supplied by UK fabric supplier Pincroft, who developed the fabric in association with a team of UK biochemists for Virustatic®) Wearwell, a British workwear manufacturer based in Tamworth with 90 years manufacturing experience, has started manufacturing snoods for Virustatic® ( please visit to purchase).

The Virustatic® Shield uses unique germ trap technology developed by a team of scientists at Manchester University, working in collaboration with several other world class research institutions. The shield is proven to trap and kill airborne viruses and offers 96% protection against pathogens such as corona virus.

The hygienic fabric has an antiviral coating which kills germs on contact, is safe to touch, protects the critical virus protection points of nose, mouth and ears and cuts the risk of cross-contamination from saliva droplets.

Some of the snoods been manufactured by Wearwell have been earmarked for NHS use to protect doctors and nurses on the frontline.

Richard Wright, CEO of Wearwell said, “As Britain’s oldest manufacturer of workwear, Wearwell is uniquely positioned to step up during this global crisis.  Pincroft approached us and asked us if we could help manufacture these innovate snoods so they could start distributing them to those in need and we are committed to getting the job done. It is vitally important to get personal protective equipment to the NHS and other vulnerable people and we’re happy that we are able to play our part. We have already begun production and have deliver over 50,000 Virustatic® Shield this week.”

Anna Roberts of Virustatic® Shield. “We have been working on the anti-viral coating since 2011 but it’s only in the last five weeks that we have developed the snood in response to the current pandemic”

The antiviral fabric has been scientifically tested by independent UK laboratories and will also protect against viruses such as influenza. The protein layer embedded within the fabric disables the virus and will not flake. The Shield made from the fabric is reusable and can be washed three times and worn comfortably for several hours.

To find out more about Virustatic® Shield visit:

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