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How to plan an effective PPE strategy post-pandemic

How to plan an effective PPE strategy post-pandemic

As we progress through the roadmap to return to normal, many people are returning to work, social distancing rules are being lifted, and life is slowly returning to pre-pandemic normality.

Businesses and industries that require workwear or PPE should now behin the process of getting an effective PPE strategy in place ahead of restrictions bieng lifted. Here is how you can plan an effective approach towards PPE as we leave coronavirus behind and embrace the new normal.

1. Invest in PPE management tools

Any successful strategy relies on tracking and monitoring, and the same goes for PPE management. As a business owner or line manager, you should be monitoring who has what items of PPE, when the lifecycle for these items is up, and when they need to be replaced. Monitoring these things can give you a clear vision of how compliant your staff are, help to keep PPE effective and functional to prevent staff absences and accidents at work, and help you control your PPE budget.

PPE management tools are great for this and well worth the investment, helping to easily keep on track of your business’s needs. Our own wardrobe management system is an ideal solution, with 24/7 access and quick and easy ordering when items reach the end of their lifecycle or are demaged, lost and require replacement.

2. Prepare for furloughed staff to return to work

If you work in an industry that has been drastically impacted by the pandemic, many staff may currently be on furlough. You should now be at the stage where you are preparing for staff to return to work, and ensure you have the right PPE in place to help protect your workers from accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Now is the time to perform a risk assessment and as part of this, speak to staff to ensure you have adequate PPE, sized  to fit them so that it is effective and fit for purpose. You will also need to consider training staff to use any new PPE, or to refresh them after long periods from work to ensure their compliance and that they are aware of their responsibilities.

3. Expect the unexpected

If the coronavirus has taught us one thing, it is to be prepared. No one could predict the impact of the pandemic, and no one knows what the future holds. Therefore, the best PPE strategies will be flexible and can quickly adapt to changes such as another outbreak or different challenges altogether. Have a concrete supply chain in place, and ensure you have a source for PPE if needed in an emergency to protect your workers and your customers. Don’t forget, you can also order 24/7 from the Wearwell online store when you need to quickly procure or replace key items of workwear. 

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