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Importance Of Good Quality PPE In The Workplace Post Lockdown

Importance Of Good Quality PPE In The Workplace Post Lockdown

With the government now instructing UK workers to return to their jobs if they are unable to work from home, the subject of good quality PPE has become more critical than ever before.

With many batches of imported PPE failing government quality checks as they do not meet the stringent standards enforced by UK law, finding a supplier who can provide good quality PPE which is fit for purpose is on the minds of many businesses looking to get their teams back to work.

Here are just a few reasons why ensuring adequate stocks of good quality PPE is critical in the post-lockdown workplace:

Employee confidence

Many employees are feeling anxious about the return to work due to the potential risks of contracting COVID-19, so having good quality PPE is just one of the ways that employers can increase the confidence of their workforce and allow them to carry out their duties. Providing appropriate protective equipment sends a clear message that you are doing everything in your power to keep them safe and well.

With post-lockdown anxiety affecting many of the general population according to a report from Anxiety UK, protecting the mental as well as the physical wellbeing of staff is paramount. This requires good quality PPE – and enough of it- to keep anxiety at bay.  

Protecting others

For many workplaces, keeping clients and visitors safe is just as important as protecting staff.

With numerous industries requiring close contact with others, the ability to provide PPE and facilities for sanitising hands for both staff and customers is a must-have in order to safely reopen for business.

Poor quality PPE which doesn’t meet with government guidelines offers lower levels of protection and can lull customers and workers into a false sense of security. Should your business be found to be supplying PPE that falls short of the standards expected to staff and others, you may find yourself being forced to close until such a time that you can provide PPE that meets with all current British safety standards.

Reusable PPE

As disposable PPE needs to be changed at various intervals during the day in many industries, reusable PPE offers a cost-effective solution. 

Again, it is essential that reusable PPE offered to staff or customers meets government guidelines and is maintained properly to continue to offer protection from COVID-19.

Our antibacterial face masks meet these guidelines and offer up to 99.9% protection thanks to silver ion antimicrobial technology. Washable up to 20 times, these face masks are not just cost-effective but are lightweight, UK made and offer superior comfort for the wearer.



10x Washable Antibacterial Face Masks

£15.60 £35.94

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Sold in Packs of 10, these Washable Antibacterial Face Masks have been designed to comply with current UK, Scottish, Welsh and NI Government guidelines. They are made from light weight, pure cotton, with added anti-microbial finish able to kill 99.9% of known bacteria.

These antibacterial face masks are both flexible and extremely comfortable thanks to their mouldable nose bridge, which has been designed to reducing the gap between the mask and face.

These washable face masks are perfectly suited for wearing on long journeys, on public transport, or whilst shopping, as they are both light weight and comfortable, 

These face masks can be washed up to 20 times whilst still retaining their added anti-microbial finish.

  • Added anti-microbial finish
  • Can be washed up to 20 times
  • Light weight for added comfort
  • Made using double-layer cotton
  • Mouldable nose bridge
  • Soft, elasticated ear loops

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