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Non-Compliant PPE And The Workplace – What You Need To Know

Non-Compliant PPE And The Workplace – What You Need To Know

The UK has witnessed a notable increase in the amount of non-compliant PPE available to purchase in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and return to work. The result is that many businesses have spent money on PPE that cannot be legally used in the workplace.

To stop this occurring, Wearwell has put together this easy to follow guide which details the difference between compliant and non-compliant PPE, how to tell the difference and what to do with any PPE that cannot be legally utilised in the workplace.

How to check if your PPE is compliant

Without a CE marking and CE compliance certificate, the PPE is non-compliant and therefore illegal to use in the workplace.

A lack of marking or certification means it has failed to meet the stringent requirements set out under the General Product Safety Regulations, or worse still,  hasn’t be tested for effectiveness and protection levels in the first place.

With an influx of counterfeit and non-compliant PPE flooding into the UK since the outbreak of COVID-19, it is essential that all employers and workers understand the difference between compliant and non-compliant PPE and only uses compliant PPE, carrying the CE mark while in the workplace.

How non-compliant PPE can be repurposed

If you find that the PPE you have purchased is non-compliant with current UK legislation, there are ways that certain items can be repurposed outside of the workplace to avoid wastage.

If a business wishes to repurpose non-compliant PPE, they take on the role of the producer and must adhere to the following set of rules to avoid falling foul of the law.

  • Anyone wishing to make use of the non-compliant PPE must be informed that it does not meet UK compliance guidelines
  • The PPE is NOT to be used in the workplace under any circumstances
  • Any referencing on packaging and on the product of CE markings must be removed
  • All items or packaging must carry no claims to offer protection from any particular risks

Purchasing compliant PPE

Should you need to purchase complaint PPE for use in the workplace, there are steps you should take to ensure that any items or garments you buy are fully compliant with current guidelines. This can be achieved by:

  • Choosing a reputable UK supplier who will be able to provide genuine CE certification
  • Insisting that any PPE purchased carries the CE mark and instructions for use on packaging

For more information on compliant PPE for a wide range of industries, speak to us or shop our online store.

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