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Restaurants Rally for National Hospitality Day, but Are All Customers Ready to Return?

Restaurants Rally for National Hospitality Day, but Are All Customers Ready to Return?

On September 18th, the country celebrated National Hospitality Day—a day where pubs, restaurants and other hospitality businesses could unite.

The hospitality industry is one of those hardest hits by the COVID-19 pandemic, with many businesses being forced to close during lockdowns, or shut down altogether.

Although consumer confidence has started to rise, with more people trying to return to normal and visit hospitality businesses again, consumer spending in May 2021 remains at 70% less than pre-pandemic levels. This is the same situation with turnover for the hospitality sector, which is currently 25% lower than the levels we saw in 2019.

In efforts to move forward after a difficult year, National Hospitality Day encouraged businesses across the country to hold special events that included charitable elements to support 4 of the key hospitality industry charities.

Despite the event, it’s still unclear how many customers are ready to return. Here are some of the common reasons people have for and against returning to pubs, restaurants, and bars:

Successful Vaccination Roll-out

Currently, almost 70% of the UK population have been fully vaccinated which has made people feel much safer when going out to venues. 

COVID Cases Still High

Despite the high uptake of vaccines, the number of COVID cases registered daily is still not as low as we would want them to be.

There has also been news that double-vaccinated people may still experience symptoms of COVID-19 which has brought back worry for those who are at risk or who live with someone who’s at risk.

Illnesses Rise During the Winter

As we move into the Winter months there is a lot of uncertainty around COVID. It’s a time when cases of flu are prevalent and it’s unknown if people will need booster jabs to keep up their protection against the virus.

Because of this, people may not feel ready to our pubs, bars, and clubs.

People Want to Return to Normal

Despite all the worry, people generally do want to get back to normal after spending the past year in and out of lockdowns.

Hospitality venues are an important part of our daily lives, whether that’s going to meet friends for a coffee in a local cafe, having a family meal in a restaurant, or visiting a bar with your friends.

The Importance of PPE

PPE could be the thing that makes people want to return to hospitality venues in the coming months. Wearing a mask can significantly decrease your chances of spreading COVID-19, and if hospitality businesses encourage their staff to wear PPE, it may encourage more customers to visit.

If you need to invest in PPE and workwear to prepare for customers returning to your hospitality business, view our range of high-quality, durable garments online or get in touch to discuss your needs.

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