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Textile Workers – If You’re One Of Many Affected By Underpayment Come To Wearwell

Textile Workers – If You’re One Of Many Affected By Underpayment Come To Wearwell

With a senior MP warning that underpayment and exploitation is ‘rife’ in the textile industry, and the latest HMRC figures showing many garment workers aren’t being paid the UK minimum wage, it’s clear that many textile manufacturers still have a long way to go to become respected employers.

As a responsible textile manufacture employing over 40 seamstress at our UK factory based in Tamworth, Staffordshire, Wearwell is incredibly saddened to hear that other manufactures in our industry are abusing employee trust. There is never a justification for failing to compensate workers with the legal minimum wage and no excuse for providing appalling working conditions.

MP Mary Creagh, who is chairwoman of the Environmental Audit Committee reviewed the HMRC figures. She told the BBC,

“This [exploitation] must stop. We need government action to end these 19th century practices in 21st century Britain.

“It has been 20 years since the introduction of the minimum wage but in our inquiry we heard that underpayment is rife and goes hand-in-hand with a culture of fear and intimidation in the UK’s textile industry.”

Here at Wearwell we could not agree more.

Wearwell is committed to ensuring employee welfare is at the heart of our organisation. We would like to encourage those undervalued, underappreciated and under paid textile workers to send their CVs to Wearwell today. We are hiring so please do get in touch – we guarantee that your skill, dedication and hard work will not go unnoticed. Please email CVs to

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