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The small, but important, details you might forget when designing your bespoke workwear

The small, but important, details you might forget when designing your bespoke workwear

Designing your own custom workwear is no easy task and will require you to have a good knowledge of your team and the tasks they need to complete on a regular day.

At Wearwell, we offer bespoke options to all our customers to help them create workwear that’s fit for purpose and comfortable for their employees to wear.

Keep on reading to find out more about the small, but important details you might forget when you’re designing your bespoke workwear.

Why choose bespoke workwear?

Every single workplace and team have completely different needs when it comes to workwear, which can make it difficult to order the perfect garments for you online.

When you choose to go down the bespoke route, you’ll get the opportunity to design workwear that meets the very specific needs of your workplace.

You’ll have complete control over the designs, materials, and style of your workwear – something you’d never get when you’re buying something off the rack.

5 things to consider when designing bespoke workwear

1. Who is going to be wearing this garment?

An easy thing that many people forget is that you should always design your garment based on the person that’s going to wear it, rather than what you personally think it should look like.

This may involve physically asking your employees what they want from their workwear, what features would make them more productive, and how to make them feel more comfortable at work.

 2. Colour choice is important

You may want to just choose your brand colours, but this may not always be the best option.

For example, if your employees are working with chemicals, liquids, or anything else that can easily stain clothes, you may want to choose a colour that won’t show these up as well.

 3. What material do you want to use

Material is important, especially if you want to make clothes that are going to feel comfortable throughout the day.

We advise choosing lightweight, breathable, soft fabrics for your workwear.

4.The functional details are crucial

Things like the number of pockets, zips and buttons are all functional details that can make a big difference – especially if your employees are constantly using tools and equipment they want to store in their clothes during work.

5.Where do you want to place your logo

The final consideration is where you want to place your logo, most people choose to put it on the chest however, if you want it to be more visible you may prefer it on the side of the arm or back.


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