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Tips to make your PPE last longer

Tips to make your PPE last longer

Getting the right PPE for your staff can make work safer and more comfortable, but it doesn’t come without investment.

Buying sufficient garments for the needs of all your staff can become quite expensive, especially when you invest in the best quality materials from trusted brands.

Although there’s no way to go cheap when it comes to PPE, there are ways that you can extend the lifetime of your garments to provide you with a better return on investment.

Here are our top tips on how to make your PPE last longer:

Regularly check PPE for damage

Damaged PPE will not be providing the same protection to your workers, which could be putting them at risk while on the job.

Regular inspections of all PPE equipment should be made both before and after every single use. Workers should be encouraged to keep an eye out for general wear and tear rips, or any other signs of minor damage.

Maintaining PPE based on the nature of work

Some work environments are more intense and gruelling than others. For example, employees that spend their days working outside, facing the elements, are more likely to damage their PPE than employees working inside.

Encourage employees to perform various checks on their workwear depending on the nature of their work. For example, workers who spend their time outside may need to check for sun bleaching and water damage, whereas others may be more concerned about chemical spills or rips.

Be careful when washing PPE

Washing your PPE should be regular for all employees, but if they are exposed to things like oil, grease, dirt, or chemicals every day, they may need to wash their garments even more.

Washing PPE can sometimes cause damage, but there are a few things you can do to prevent this:

  • Undo buttons and close all zips
  • Check pockets for any objects
  • Turn garments inside out to prevent damage on the outside
  • Choose a gentle detergent

Store your workwear correctly

PPE should always be stored in a dry, clean area after use to prevent them from coming into contact with anything that can cause damage.

Never leave damp garments unfolded or screwed up, and make sure the area that you’re storing your garments in isn’t in direct sunlight, as this can cause the material to deteriorate.

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